My Lists of 10 Randoms...

Signs of a Heat Wave:

10. Kids suddenly have shaved heads, even the girls
9. Your dog refuses to go outside unless there is an ice bath on his return
8. Your Freeze evaporated in the wrapper
7. Flowers spontaneously combust when sunlight touches them
6. Tires on your car have melted
5. Even your pet fish is sweating
4. Your neighbours are cooking on the sidewalk instead of the BBQ
3. The trees are looking for shade
2. You see Bumblebees hitchhiking between flowers
1. You went into your pool looking normal, but came out looking like a cooked lobster

House Reno Music List (inspired for a first time home renovator):

10. Building a Mystery
9. Handy Man
8. Clueless
7. Tear it Down
6. Burn This House Down
5. Raise the Roof
4. Ice Cream Paint Job
3. T.N.T.
2. Walls Fall Down
1. The Carpet Crawlers