Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Sleeping Beauty

I got a call from one of the supervisors in my area awhile ago. She said "I'm going to be late because my son slept in."

I said "Ok?" as I really did not know how else to respond to that. Maybe I should mention, her son is 3 years old.

When she arrived at work, she came straight to my desk with a bit dramatic sigh, plunked down and told me about her morning. "I can't believe he slept in! The one morning I'm super organized and have everything ready to go and he doesn't wake up at 5:50 am like he normally does. He slept right until 7 am! And made me late!!"

Now, I know I don't have kids and all. But I do come from a large family and have babysat over night numerous times. 3 year olds don't normally wake themselves up from what I've seen, unless of course it's the weekend and you wanted to sleep in. Then they are up at the crack of dawn.

What surprised me even more was the manager didn't even care, he was like, oh I totally understand, not a problem.

I have a few possible theories on what happened:

a) She slept in and blamed the 3 yr old (really sad thing to do, but honestly I'd have more respect for someone over sleeping their alarm then blaming the kid)

b) She is one of those Moms who thinks that kids must wake up on their own or something bad will happen (I am still working on the theory of what the bad thing would be...)

c) her son is such a holy terror when he's awake that when he sleeps, he looks like a sleeping angel and she dare not wake him


d) or he is as cute as this puppy is sleeping and you just forget everything when watching him:

Compliments, nothing better!

I had recently made a trip to a Disney store to pick up some shirts for the kids as they are about to go on their first trip to Disney World. When I was there, I picked out a sweat shirt for myself as well.

Well last week, Mother Nature decided that was going to be fall after weeks of warm weather. I however in defiance, wore my sweater to work instead of giving in to wearing a jacket. Besides I work early in the morning so I will rarely run into people while wearing a cartoon shirt.

However I must pass through security to enter the building, and the guard greeted me with, "Good morning, I love your shirt!" Then continued on to say, "But nothing else."

Way to shoot a girl down there buddy. I had been thinking until that point that my hair and new jeans looked pretty cute too. Guess it all depends on the eye of the beholder!

Saturday, September 17, 2011

The Pink Experiment Final Installment

Today was the big day. I woke up groggy and cranky from a bad night sleep which was riddled with nightmares. I forced myself to get up for a couple of hours, promising myself a nap later on for the big night. Didn't happen.

Since I have two sisters, both Pink, I had enlisted their help in getting ready today. One was on hair, the other on eyes and nails. The one on eyes and nails decided that she didn't want to have to rush home, so she wanted to do her thing before she went out. She informed me at 12:30 she might be doing it early. I was in bed at this point hoping to fall asleep. 1:00 she told me she'd be at my place in 30 min. 

I groaned at this text message, really not wanting to have to get up as I was exhausted. And because of the timing this meant no leisurely bath to relax in before prep time. So I hoped into the shower to quickly get ready, then get out everything I think she would need. Also remembered to put on foundation around my eyes before she arrived.

I had also attempted to use my new fancy eyelash curler. But gave up after a few minutes as I simply didn't seem to be able to capture any eyelashes and get them to curl. 

Just before she arrived I got a text from Purple saying she thought it was going to be too cold and she as well was going to be wearing pants. This really got me frustrated, there was no way I was changing my outfit at this point, after having spent over $100 just to accessorize, etc for it.

First thing she wants to do is my nails, so they can dry while she does my eyes. She's brought along a base coat because I didn't mention I had picked that up. I had to ask what it was for, apparently it's to protect your nails, and such from the colour sticking. Also you should put a top coat on as well over the colour to help prevent from chipping.

This is when I realized why I don't do my nails. 3 coats just to get funny colour fingers? I'm ok with skipping that.

She wanted to start with eyeliner, I had forgotten to bring that out, went found the bag with it in it, promptly ruined one of the wet nails. Then she is telling me to look all around while she works. I did mostly enjoy the "look up" then followed by "but not with your eyes open". What is that supposed to be translated too? Tilt your chin up, eyes closed. Clear as mud.

Finally she had the colour on, then of course I had forgotten the mascara, went track that down. And we were done. She said I might have to touch up later before I left (as it was 5 hours before I was going to have to be at the restaurant). I ignored this. Touching up was not happening.

My other sister asked me to go to her place for 4. I had planned on leaving from her house to the restaurant. Took 3 trips to my car as I kept forgetting things, like the bracelet and watch, hair straighter and hairspray and finally the shoe inserts.

While she was doing my hair, I realized I left the GPS at my place and would have to return anyhow. She did get to see the complete outfit with toe-killer shoes and everything. Her sentiment was "Wow! You don't even look like you!!" I guess that's a good thing?

She also gave me a clutch to use (I didn't realize this was a flat like small purse/large wallet), was just told by a Pink yesterday I should use one as it would look better. I didn't want to say I didn't know what this was, but texted my sisters asking if I could borrow one. They both had some I could choose from. 

Made it to the dinner, luckily I got into the parkade across the street, as the shoes, with special inserts were now trying to snap off the Little Piggy Who  Went Wee Wee All The Way Home.

The girls were all suitable impressed with my look, loved everything. Which really, the least they can do considering I had started to get ready two days ago!! And in the end everyone wore either dresses or skits.

Supper went over ok, the food was only alright. But we had fun chatting, and hanging out. Had a few photos taken. One of the pinks decided we needed full stand up photos, so I made them decided while we were sitting where we would do these, as after two trips on stairs, my leg muscles were burning with effort in the 5 inch heels, and the Little Piggies were on their last legs.

Finally managed to make it to my car after a brief confusion on where to find the parking pay station. (I just realized I forgot to take a photo of the signs). One sign pointed to the right and the other pointed to the left... with nothing but empty walls between them, leaving me somewhat confused on where to go (turns out it was around the corner form the go Left sign). With a huge sigh of relief I removed the shoes and slide on some flip flops for the drive home.

When I arrived home, Purple had texted us saying she had a great time, but next time, we need to wear pants and flats so we can stay out later than 10 pm!! I whole heartily agreed.

Pink Experiment has come to an end. And I'm very happy to say it was a success, but I can't imagine trying to do this more than once a year. If that. But I do have admiration for those women who can do this everyday. That takes a lot of commitment and perseverance on their part.

Side Note: We had a conversation about a television show tonight, so I went to look up some info when I got home. On the side there was a picture of a lady using an Eyelash curler... reason why I couldn't get mind to work earlier was I was doing it backwards! LOL

Friday, September 16, 2011

The Pink Experiment #4

Today I was still pondering having to get a sweater or something for the dress, Sally also needed to go out, so we decided to go shopping together after work. However during this conversation Barbara claims she is no longer really dressing up because it's going to be too cold.

This is the girl who made a HUGE deal over this being a super dressy, exciting night as it's the first time she's gone out in 20 months. And because of that huge spiel she gave us, I felt bad and decided to Go Pink for a few days for her. And now she's claiming she's going to wear pants?!

Unacceptable. I have fake tan on my legs right now lady, you are wearing a freakin dress!! Plus we are only outside between our cars and the restaurant! Suck it up Princess.

Anyway Sally said she would take care of her dressing up, especially when she found out all the money I spent on getting the Girly crap needed to be Pink.

Sally and I were able to find earrings and a few other odds and ends for her. And I had to settle on buying a short black jacket like shirt for my dress. Both stores I bought something and second item was free or 1/2 off, and I didn't want anything else or even try and look. I had hit my max for shopping for the next 6 months.

But now, with the clutch (what is a clutch?! apparently I needed one as a purse would be too big, though I only own one sort of novelty purse anyway that someone got me as a Xmas present/joke and I don't think a faux giraffe would be suitable) I am borrowing from one of the Pink Sisters, I have a complete outfit, accessories and makeup.

And if I do not have to see or wear any of this again I think I'd be ok with that too.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

The Pink Experiment #3

I finally make it home, completely exhausted from all the shopping (I stopped at a game story and bought PS3 game just to feel better about all the girl crap in my car).

However I was worried about this "dark" tan bottle, will it be too dark? So I decided I better try it out, while I did so, I put in a white strip (did you know some of those you have to wear for 30 min?! I didn't).

I also tried out the nail polish, and decided a sister is going to have to do the applying, as I think I might have been 12 the last time I attempted nail polish. Figured I better remove it as 1 gold nail might look odd at work tomorrow.

So I finally got to take out the white strip (thankfully, that causes a serious about of drooling! Not at all attractive). And I'm still trying to decide if my legs look tanned, orange, or the same. But one thing I did notice, the tan spray actually makes you sparkly.

So here is where I stand on my Pink Experiment:

Gold tinged cuticles on my left hand. 

Fancy sparkly gold knees.

Still in need of some kind of sweater for the dress.

I can't wait to get this getting ready part over with... as I've started 2 days ahead of time!! 

And I've discovered being Pink is a lot of work!! How do women do this everyday?? I'll be glad to be Blue again on Sunday. . . stay tuned for parts #4/5/6/7/8... lol however many parts it takes to get me through this!

The Pink Experiment #2

Now I hit the problem, I have this 1 pair of high heels that are kind of cute to look at. The all girls seem to LOVE them. I on the other hand loath the shoes after only 1 wear, as these things hate toes. They are constantly trying to strangle my little Piggy Who Had None. Not sure what that Piggy every did to those shoes to deserve that treatment.

But because these are opened toed this won't allow me to wear nylons to cover the legs... so what to do?

Ah! I called a pink sister, she used something on her legs once and it looked cool. Spray tan thing. Armed with a name, I headed to a Drug Store to pick it up. Promptly left my phone in the car with the info on it, so I was left searching in the seriously expanded makeup section feeling a lot lost.

After 5 min, I discovered the nail polish section, which was to lead me to this spray tan (I should have asked for what it looked like), I found it finally, one said Nude and one Tan to Deep Tan. Well Nude seemed to be a moot point for what I wanted so I grabbed the other bottle.

Then I remembered that the eyeliner I have seem to have an annoying habit of not staying put and making me look like a raccoon after a couple hours. Now I'm back to the weirdly split up makeup area, with names I've never heard of, all I wanted was like Cover Girl or Revlon. Something normal. Finally I tracked it down.

While picking out eyeliner (thankful I only had two choices on that one counter). I realized I wasn't sure if I had lipstick still, or if I did I'm not sure how long ago I bought it (can lipstick go bad?!). So I tried to pick out a colour that seemed like it would look good.

Then remembered once that my hairdresser said that if you do a light lip your eyes should go dark (one or the other but not both). I groaned, because now I have brown, silver and purple colours at home. My dress is green with brown. Purple I wasn't sure would be allowed on this outfit. (Where is a Pink person when you need them ?!). So I bought a multi pack of greens and golds.

Figured since I went that far, I might as well buy nail polish too and polish remover (as I'm sure I'd want this stuff off ASAP). I found a gold that seem to be matching the makeup (are nails supposed to match, I don't know, but I'm going for coordination at this point). Then there were these eyelash curler things. I know one sister uses these. I'm not sure how. But it was 1/2 off. Added it to the pile.

Then I remembered that commercial where the girl freaks out because her teeth are not white enough for photos... and I'm like, well I think mine are white enough, don't drink coffee, tea or smoke. Ah, better get those white strips things.

I'm not sure exactly what all I ended up with, but I dropped a lot of stuff on the counter. The girl asked me if I wanted a bag for 5 cents. I gave her the "Of Course Moron" look. I also didn't look at the bill, but I was impressed I got a lot of it on sale!

I remembered at this point that my pink sister, who once found out what shoes I was going to wear, suggested that I get Shoe Brakes, some flower thing that goes in and prevents your foot from sliding in the shoe, and thus saving the Piggy Who Had None.

Since I'm pro Piggy, I gave her a call, asking if the drug store might carry this, she said sure, or a shoe store. I went back in. Now I'm staring at a wall of foot care products. Dr. Scholls seems to be a familiar name brand, so I opted to stick with his advice. But what was the right option? I couldn't tell!!

Nothing said Shoe Brake. Or Foot Brake or Brake of any sort. So I bought a full foot thing, guaranteed to fit all women shoes. Some heel protection (seemed like a good idea) and a fake arch support. I do have very high arches, so this might be what I need. $30 + later I walked out for the second time. However I still was not certain that I had the right item, so I stopped a shoe store. They have me something for $6. Green flat piece of squishy stuff. Haven't figured out where it's supposed to go.

Anyway I realized that my dress is going to require a sweater or something as the weather is calling for winter like conditions now and it's a sun dress. I stopped to ask a Pink sister if she had anything appropriate. She does not (her colours were too girly for my dress). She however told me the leg spray I bought for the tan was the "dark" version, hers was a lighter colour.

All I can do is sigh at this point.

The Pink Experiment #1

So the Pink work girls decided a month ago we needed a "Girls Night Out". I agreed to it, as I've done girls nights in the past, usually good for a few good laughs. We are to go out this Saturday, total of 5 of us, 2 pink, 1 purple, 1 unknown and me (blue).

On Tuesday I had a tea run with one of the girls, and she was gushing about getting super dressed up, etc. Little warning bells started to fill my head, because my girls nights didn't require a dress code normally. They required the Olive Garden and drinks, maybe a movie.

I was a little nervous after talking with the Purple girl as we both agreed we didn't really think we had something in our wardrobes that might qualify. I sent a fill in the blank email for more information, this was the response:

Time: TBD
Activity: Dinner and Drinks
Location: TBD
Dress Code: Fancy (no jeans Sue or Purple!!).

Not really informative.Except that it shot the idea that I could wear my new dark jeans out the window.

On Wednesday Purple and I brainstormed a little more. She seemed to have something that might fit the bill, but last time I bought a dress was two years ago, and it was still in my closet with the tag on it. Plus the Pinks said they would be taking pictures. Especially since one never gets to go out as she has a young child.

It seemed to be a huge deal for them. I felt bad for not being as excited over the whole deal. I figured I would do my best to try and be excited and put some effort into this.

In other words: Go Pink for a few days.

I went shopping that day, found a black dress and accessories (I am thankful for the stores that carry everything). However I don't normally wear all black, even to a funeral. The lack of colour seems rather harsh on me, especially since I did my duty and avoided the sun as tanning is supposed to be bad. My legs in particular looked... well a little sick under the dress.

I however didn't feel great about the purchase, so I decided to bring the two options into Purple today and get her opinion (after verifying that yes the 2 yr old new dress does still fit). She choose the 2 yr old dress (which is colourful in a muted cute way), I sent the black home with her to try.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Early bird doesn't get the worm...

One morning I went to get tea with the Pink sisters (ok they went to get tea, I went for the walk in hopes I would wake up a little). Once in the elevator one turns to me and asks, "Did you notice anything different about Barbara?"

Inwardly I groaned, it was barely 8 am, way to early to play guessing games. To amuse her however I made a feeble attempt to try and notice something. Shoes seemed like any other shoe, she was wearing black as per normal, and her hair looked to be the same as the day before. 

"Nope, sorry, I give up." Really way to early for this crap.

Sally was so excited, "See Barbara I told you they looked natural!!" She then informs me that Barbara is wearing false eyelashes.

I was so glad the elevator opened at that moment because I was at a complete loss as to what to say to that. Does anyone notice fake eyelashes? I guess maybe if they were bright pink... but black on black?? Really?

I'm back to 8 am is too early for guessing games.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Singledom from his point....

One day I had woken up in the middle of the night with a migraine. I promptly popped some meds and called into work, letting them know I may or may not be in.

The pills finally kicked in and I got some sleep. I was able to amble into work at 10 am. I put in a sick leave request, which was approved by my supervisor.

However later in the afternoon, he came to me and said I didn't need to put in a request, I could just "Stay late, because you are single, and doesn't matter if you are late."

Ok first off, I'm not single, I just don't happen to currently live in the same city as my boyfriend. And secondly, since when does someone's time become less valuable because they are single?

Single or not, I don't want to be at work until 6 pm on any given day. I have much more interesting things I'd rather do, like blog about it.

One of these things...

I had another "One of these things is not like the other" moments. At a going away party on the weekend with friends, I was the only person sitting at the table out of 8 who did not own an iPhone. (Though I am to inherit one shortly).

And I just realized how sad it was that all 8 had their phones out so much so that I noticed that I didn't have one... actually to be honest I didn't even have my cell phone with me that night. Figured no point in bringing it to a party.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Attenion EVERYONE!

One of my friends was sent for some training for work, however this training went a half hour past her regular work hours, and as she discovered on the first day, made her a little late for picking up her daughter from daycare.

On the second day in preparation for leaving as soon as the day was over, she had closed her binder 5 minutes early as the trainer was doing their wrap up of the day and summary for the next.

The trainer stopped speaking when he noticed this, and told her in front of other co-workers in the training, "Do NOT close your book as I am NOT done for the day." She was a little shocked by this as other people had already left to go home as they could  not wait any longer.

The next morning when she returned for the final day of training, she could not find her binder where she had left it at her desk. As she looked around the room, she finally spotted her things. The trainer had moved her to the front of the room after training had been done, forcing her to sit in the front of the room for the final day. No one else was moved or had been spoken too about leaving early.

She was completely mortified by this. 

Upon hearing this story, I had to ask, "Did you need your binder during that last 5 minutes?" She said they did not as they had finished the work that day, people had left already and a couple others had their binders closed as well.

I guess some people use the power as they can. I would have been hard pressed not to discuss this situation after the class with the trainer and I would have moved my things back to where I was previously sitting. As moving her and no one else was not called for, especially since this is a work training session, not a formal education setting.